About Us

Cannabisa Natural Medicine deals with a great variety of services in the field
of medical cannabis in Israel.

Cannabisa’s team is composed of volunteers and workers, people ofprofession in varied fields which
study and specialize in medical cannabis among other fields of expertise.

Cannabisa aspire to advance and improve the accessibility of this
medicine to the growing numbers of patients who needs it.

We work in order to minimize the relative part of the cost that the patients need to pay and will work in order to make it subsidized by
the Israeli’s Healthcare System andby the government; we keep the privacy of our workers and volunteers due to the sensitive nature of
the field we deal with.

in the last 2 years we consulting for new cannabis companies around the world

 The work of Cannabisa has focused on the following in the last 8 years in
- Increasing public awareness about the possibilities of using Cannabis as a medicine and its efficacy

- Creating a free database in Hebrew about medical Cannabis.

- Having volunteers and certified workers in a numbers of medical Cannabis farms working in cultivation.

- giving guidance to new users and distribution

- Giving counsel about cultivation to a number of medical farms and medical users with license to grow.

- Giving guidance to potential companies who wish to enter this field by creating a growing project and help with the bureaucracy procedure.

- Creating cooperation between doctors and medical farms in order to advance research about medical Cannabis.

- Support and volunteering at the Health Department at the office for medical Cannabis.

- Giving guidance to patients before and after receiving a permit to use medical Cannabis.

We offer a variety of services in accordance to the existing and changing needs of this important

project for different groups:

Members Club


- Support and consult about cultivation

- Variety of seeds and genes

- Outsourcing – guidance of new users and customer service

- Public relations and advertisement at our website to present the company to new users

companies logo and details regarding the company, its strains, lab tests and replies from patients – the option to change supplier.

We’ll love to work together to see how we can improve and advance this important project.


In case you are a doctor who sees medical cannabis a medicine like any other and would like to be a part of research in the field turn to Contact Us

Investment and new projects

Cannabisa from being in contact with a large numbers of factors acts as a sort of meeting point\middleman between investors, medical farms, breeders ect

Would you like to invest in this field? Cooperate with existing farms?

Raise a new farm? Open or sell a product which involves medical Cannabis? In case the answer to any of those is yes Cannabisa is at your service and is obliged to secrecy, professionalism and reliability

Contact Us

We believe and out of experience of thousands of patients, know, that Cannabis is a medicine! And that due to the many prejudice about this subject many people are deprived of using this medicine which helped improve the lives of many patients with varied diseases and medical conditions. We would like to encourage more people to do research and advance this field so they can understand, know and teach others the many virtues of this plant, to awake public awareness to the many possibilities that exist to help patients with varied medical conditions.

The only use of Cannabis we encourage is for medical use and that bydoctors and the Health Ministry’s approval under the laws that exist in the state of Israel.

We are for any cooperation with all growers, doctors, research in Israel or abroad which would like to advance this field of medicine and help many patients as much as possible.

You can contact us via mail at:

cann [at] cannabisa.com

Contact Us page


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