Help Cannabis Research In israel!

During the last five years, experimental treatments were carried out in children's who has cancer, using a concentrated essence extracted from Hashish.
This project was carried out in collaboration between the labs of Professor Rafael Meshulam (who discovered the existence of the THC in the 60's) and the children oncology department in Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, this project was terminated in the last two months due to difficulties in financing of the project. Unfortunately, today, the medical marijuana / hashish industry is not being funded by money, power and political lobby intensive factors like in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, which is the reason that such important projects are being cancelled.

In order to renew the project all it takes is 10,000 ILS every month, the amount of approximately 2800$ a month only.

Cannabisa Natural Medicine Has decided to try and raise the needed amount in order to restore this important project.

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